Welcome to my online professional portfolio.

I would classify myself as both a web designer and a web-based application developer. I am experienced with a variety of web programming tools and technologies. My front-end skills lie in Flash/Actionscript, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, and CSS. My backend development skills are PHP/MySQL, ASP/VBScript, MySQL, SQL Server, and Access. I also have experience with network implementation/ administration, hardware/ software support, database design/ administration, and systems analysis. I have an affinity for all things computer related, but I feel that I have truly found my niche in web development.

Currently I am supporting multiple internal Ford web-based applications using JavaScript, Mootools, SharePoint, HTML, and CSS. I have also been exposed to both Struts and JSF Java frameworks, as these are the preferred platforms. My role involves developing new sites on a custom Javascript framework and managing issues with existing sites. Additionally, I have developed and continue to support the mobile version of the Ford employee portal. Because these sites are internal and proprietary, my ability to display examples online is limited, but I am more than happy to go over them face to face.

I've organized my work into a number of categories above. Each category is further divided into smaller groups. I've also identified a few featured items to the right. Feel free to browse, and be sure to contact me with any questions or comments. Thanks for your interest!

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