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Here are some of the things I can do

A Brief History

Below I have identified my most recent employers and listed the projects, contributions, and acheivements from each one. The last sections is a "catch-all" listing projects and experience gained through short-term and freelance engagements. This is by no means an exhaustive list of professional accomplishements, but rather a summary of my recent experience that would be most relevant to positions I am currently seeking. For a more complete narrative of my work history, take a look at my full resume.

Ford Motor Company

  • Primarily responsible for development of content and functionality of the first mobile version of the internal Ford employee website
  • Conducted extensive research and testing of multiple mobile platforms to determine level of support for above website
  • Participated in planning, development, and implementation of internal Ford web-based development platforms in the Creativity, Design, and Usability (CDU) and Web Center of Excellence (WebCOE) groups
  • Used JavaScript, Mootools, jQuery, PrimeFaces, SharePoint/.NET, HTML, and CSS to develop and enhance web-based applications for multiple Ford business groups
  • Debugged and resolved issues with multiple internal Ford web-based applications
  • Acted as client-side web consultant for numerous Ford application development groups


  • Responsible for creating and launching 95 separate rich media websites for The Chrysler Dealer Advertising Association (DAA) every month, using Flash, ActionScript, XHTML, and JavaScript
  • Managed content through a combination of PHP, MySQL, and Interwoven
  • Publish 4500+ unique rich media and static ad banners for DAA, also on a monthly basis
  • Documented all engineering processes for DAA, including content management, ad unit generation, and asset management
  • Responsible for redesign of interface for DAA websites
  • Optimized programming logic for various DAA website and ad unit functions, including promotional campaign templates, interface elements, and content display areas
  • Improved user experience on DAA websites through integration of interactive maps, video, and visual interface elements
  • Created dealer locator tool implemented during 2007 redesign on all Chrysler brand websites

Freelance, Short Term

  • Full stack development in a .NET environment, building customer-facing apps that allowed the end user to view different building materials on multiple building images
  • Integrated my own custom scripts with existing code and a proprietary rendering engine to deliver functionality unique to my projects in the above environment
  • President of a full-service web design, development and internet marketing firm
  • Direct and participate in all levels of web-based project implementation, including requirements gathering, design, architecture, development, application programming, marketing plans, and search engine optimization
  • Deliver highly engaging, high-impact web projects using numerous design and development tools and technologies such as Flash/Actionscript, PHP, Drupal, MySQL, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, XML, and Photoshop
  • Serve as the primary customer contact for all projects – set up and attend sales presentations, obtain site content, provide project timelines and updates, counsel clients on technologies and industry trends, etc.
  • Write project proposals and negotiate project contracts
  • Research and implement new web-based tools for clients
  • Train clients on new technology as needed

This is only a small sample of my technical experience. If you would like to see more, click the button to the right.