• This website showcases much of my recent experience. If you'd like to see examples of my older work in areas like e-learning, multimedia, and design, click to access my previous online portfolio. Please note: the old site is not mobile-enabled.

  • Centria: This web-enabled tool allows end consumers to view the company's industrial siding products on various example buildings. Technologies used: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript/jQuery, Photoshop, Visual Studio, .NET

  • I built the first mobile version of the Ford Employee Web Portal - @Ford. As a requirement for this project, we established a pool of web-enabled devices which I was able to use for testing. This project was unique in that the content was populated from an existing SharePoint resource. Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/MooTools, SharePoint/SharePoint Designer, .NET

  • I helped build and maintain custom pages that Chrysler used specifically for Google Paid Search. The data for the vehicles was stored in JavaScript objects, and the offer data for the current promotions was retrieved through web services.

Welcome to my online professional portfolio.

I love making stuff on the Internet! Whether it’s front-end, back end, mobile, multimedia, or e-leaning, I’ve probably worked with it. My most recent career work has revolved around JavaScript frameworks, HTML 5/CSS 3, and mobile/responsive design. I feel fortunate to have found a career that allows me to do what I love every day. If you don’t find an example of what you are looking for, feel free to email me and I’ll see what I can do.

JavaScript/JS Frameworks

JavaScript makes everything on the Internet better! Especially in recent years, there has been a fundamental transformation in how JavaScript is perceived and used. I'm glad I'm already on that bandwagon...

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Mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States in January of this year (2014). That number is going to keep going up, so I plan to participate in mobile projects as much as possible...

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I have worked with a number of different application tools and platforms, like .NET, SharePoint, Struts, JSF, and Primefaces. I've also contributed to and maintained various custom component libraries, mainly in JavaScript...

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My open source Content Management System of choice is Drupal, which is my primary platform for my freelance work. I've also built and manitained raw PHP projects with MySQL database back-ends...

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My Latest Work

Legacy Site

It's not actually part of my latest work, but if you can't find what you are looking for, it might here...


This website allows users to view different building materials in various rooms and buildings...

@Ford Mobile

I built the first mobile version of the Ford employee portal, leveraging the current SharePoint site...

Milford Coop Preschool

My work spans a wide variety of industires, including education, such as this project for a local preschool...


"I worked closely with Mike on several projects at Organic. He is a very detail-oriented person and I never doubted my projects would be handled flawlessly in his hands. He is a great communicator- always brought any questions/concerns to my attention up front as well as kept me updated on the status of my various jobs. Mike would be a great addition to any company and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future."
Julie Crimmins, Project Coordinator at Designkitchen

"Mike is a strong developer and a good communicator. During my time at Organic, projects frequently changed hands between the two of us, and there was rarely ever a gap in the production process. Mike is able to take on a task with limited information given, and see that task to completion without fail. Very easy to work with. It was a pleasure working alongside him."
Steve Melcher, Senior Developer at Doner